The energy behind your message is as important as the message itself

Discover How to Craft Compelling Copy from a Place of Honesty, Empathy, and Integrity

Harness foundational copywriting strategies to build unmatched trust with your audience… and keep it!

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Gain the tools to start executing all the pieces of the copywriting puzzle from research and planning to writing and optimizing

  • Take the guesswork out of your messaging by knowing how to conduct audience research
  • Understand the fundamental rules of copywriting so that you don’t muddy your messages
  • Learn how to build trust with your landing pages, emails, lead magnets, and more
  • Harness the secrets to writing compelling copy that leads your prospects to say YES

Let’s be real… Copywriting and marketing have left a bad taste in many people’s mouths…

This is understandable when we look at the years of manipulative tactics, clickbait ads, dishonest “snake oil” claims, and outright disrespect of the audience’s intelligence. 

It’s no wonder we tend to turn our noses up at marketers! 

But the truth is that copywriting is an amazingly effective tool – and as with all tools, it’s up to the user to wield it for good or bad.



Bringing honesty back into the world of marketing

Each of us has the opportunity to bring integrity and ethics back into the marketing sphere. 

Where the spotlight is not focused on shady shortcuts just to make a sale – but instead shines on helping people solve problems. 

Empathizing with your customers without relentlessly stabbing at their pain points.

Asking important questions to truly understand their dreams and challenges.

Keeping your messages honest and transparent while still showing the value of your offer. 

THIS is the ultimate goal of this course — to show that building a culture of excellence in the marketing world starts with us, each one of us.


If you know how to read and write, you can make these skills work for you.

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or aspiring freelancer — having at least a baseline of copywriting skills is an absolute must! 

Writing persuasive copy can be a turning point for your business whether you are just starting out or already established. 

(And if you’re hiring someone to write for you, knowing some basics yourself is extremely helpful!)

If you combine this foundational understanding with empathy, integrity, and honesty, you will be unstoppable!


Now the questions arise…

“What exactly keeps my customers up at night and motivates them to take action?”

“How can I most effectively communicate the ways my offer can solve their problem?”

“How do I speak to them in a way that actually resonates?” 

“Where the heck do I even start?”


Copywriting With Excellence

A self-paced course designed to teach you how to start writing compelling copy using ethical practices… and how to get your messages in front of the right people!

About Your Instructor

Kara Shepard-Poat is a Solopreneur and Senior Copywriter. She specializes in the captivating use of words to connect businesses with the people who need what they have to offer. She works with a wide variety of clients to create quality content that grabs attention. Everyone has a story to tell – she helps to bring it to life and get it in front of the right people.


“The growth I experienced during the few weeks of Kara’s course would have taken many months if I had fumbled around on my own. Since the course, I’ve written a regular newsletter, copy for multiple websites, and many marketing emails. If I ever need guidance, I turn to Kara – and my confusion turns to clarity. If you’re on the fence about taking Kara’s course, just do it. You have little to lose, and a whole lot to gain.”
Joe Bushell, Freelance Copywriter

“After almost two decades in direct sales marketing other companies' products, I found myself consistently frustrated when trying to publicize the benefits of my own business. This course taught me simple and proven methods for communicating effectively and maintaining trust with an audience that my previous work experience had not. The pacing and structure of the course also really appealed to me because each session is purposefully focused on a single topic, and later lessons build upon skills already learned in previous lessons. I never felt overwhelmed or lost in the course material at any point. As a result, I now have a practical process for working through the obstacles that were preventing progress in making my own copywriting successful.”
James Jordan, Writer & Business Owner

“Kara is a stellar instructor and a terrific facilitator. She does a remarkable job of listening and asking specific questions. Her copywriting abilities are harnessed in her experience with authentic communication, thus making my time engaging with her even more delightful.”
Khaliq Sim, Poet & Copywriting Student

Here’s a glimpse of what you will learn…

The Copywriting Process

Understand the steps from research to optimizing, because only rookies just dive right into writing.

Foundational Rules

Know how to follow best practices that influence every stage of every piece of copy you write.

Audience Research

Learn how to find where your dream buyers are talking and how to ask the right questions to find the gold.

Converting Landing Pages

Gain strategies for building trustworthy opt-in pages, landing pages, and long-form sales pages.

Engaging Emails

Discover how to build trust with your welcome emails, nurture emails, promotions, newsletters, and more.

Value-based Lead Magnets

Know all the forms of a lead magnet and how to use your research to create something irresistible.

Sales Funnel Basics

Understand all the components that make up a basic sales funnel to nurture the buyer journey.


That’s not all… You also get:

✔️  Tons of additional handouts, links, and resources
✔️  The Copywriting Clinic Vault (50+ hours of bonus material)
✔️  Lifetime Access
✔️  Practice Exercises to accelerate our learning and growth as a copywriting

Plus an opportunity to receive personalized feedback on your work!

You can read and watch copywriting lessons all day, but until you start implementing and practicing these new skills, you won’t get very far. 

If you claim the Wordsmith Package, you will receive up to two rounds of personalized feedback from Kara on each practice exercise you turn in.

There are many ways you can put these valuable skills to use. This course is a path to being able to:

  • More effectively market your own product, service, or other offerings
  • Become an independent freelance copywriter and seek out clients
  • Train your team to write copy so you can focus on the highest and best use of your time

How will YOU invest in your future?

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Lifetime access to lessons, videos, templates, links, and resources

Practice exercises for further integration

The entire Copywriting Clinic Vault

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Wordsmith Bundle


Lifetime access to lessons, videos, templates, links, and resources

Practice exercises for further integration

Up to 2 rounds of personalized feedback on every practice exercise you turn in

The entire Copywriting Clinic Vault

Start Writing

The choice is yours…

You can take the long way and continue to guess your way through writing copy, or you can take action now and give yourself the skills to execute all the steps with confidence.
What do ya say?

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